DHS warns of violence, slyly calls BLM rioters “unidentified actors”


With the Georgia Senate runoff races just two weeks away, the Department of Homeland Security is warning of the possibility of “ideologically motivated violence” in a new report.

DHS warned that there is also a foreign influence campaign (Russia! Russia! Russia!) as voters prepare to go to the polls. The authors were then quick to assure readers that foreign actors can’t influence the election. This is according to a new internal report obtained by Yahoo News (read below).

The report suggests the right-wing is as much a part of the violence as the left. In fact, the violence is driven by communist anarchists in Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and their offshoots.

The Dec. 22 report, marked for official use only, says Georgia faces a “potentially heightened physical threat environment.” This could drive violence or threats of violence similar to those seen nationwide during the 2020 election.

Incidents of violence in or near the state capitol in Atlanta, courts, and other “symbolic political institutions” could also negatively impact election officials and workers.

“We further judge that violent extremists or other actors could quickly mobilize to violence or generate violent disruptions of otherwise lawful protests in response to a range of issues,” the report says, including possible disputes over the results of the Nov. 3 presidential election.

They don’t explain that the leftists are causing the problem.


The report made note of two incidents (riots and looting) in July. Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’ were responsible. However, the report states on page 3 they were “large groups of unidentified actors.”

Several independent reporters and some local media posted videos and information at the time citing who the actors were. It’s a mystery as to why DHS, a division of the DOJ, called them “unidentified actors.”

The report is very political, actually suggesting they didn’t know who was behind the July attacks on Federal buildings (ICE). The DHS’s own report in July assigns the violence to Black Lives Matter.

We know the agency follows social media and the independent reports because they partly based this latest report on it:

The agency based its judgments on a review of national and local media coverage, relevant social media postings, state law enforcement officials detailing “ideologically motivated violence or threats of violence” and its other election violence assessments made over the past six months.

On Nov. 21, the report states, groups with opposing ideological views engaged in physical altercations in front of the state capitol during otherwise peaceful demonstrations over the presidential election results.

That otherwise peaceful protest mantra is the same lie that the media spreads. They’re not peaceful. They consider screaming, cursing, threatening to be peaceful if the left-wing is doing it.

The only presence of the right — not necessarily Trump supporters — were the Proud Boys. They were there to protect people from the rioters.


Atlanta Black Lives Matter protesters blasted a federal building with fireworks and shattered windows as they took out their wrath on an immigration office there in July, according to reports.

Demonstrators smashed windows and set fires outside the downtown building, which houses Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices, while footage from the protest posted on Twitter shows fireworks being hurled at the entrance.

Atlanta police and Georgia National Guard troops had converged on the building to gather evidence from the night’s assault, WSB-TV in Atlanta reported.

The damage was “significant,” authorities said, with windows shattered, graffiti on the facade, and char marks from fires and fireworks.

All marks of the communist anarchists.

It was the communist Black Lives Matter organization, not “unidentified actors.”


DHS Georgia Warning by Yahoo News

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