DHS will ‘swiftly’ investigate agents doing their damn jobs


Speaker Pelosi and countless Democrats pushed a media hoax claiming border patrol agents “whipped” Haitians in Del Rio, Texas. Pelosi is the master of changing the subject. (videos below)

Nearly 18,000 illegal aliens, mostly from Haiti, crossed the Rio Grande into Del Rio, Texas in one weekend.

Border patrol agents on horseback did their job and corralled the invaders after Governor Abbott deployed troopers to clear the area.

The Democrats, using their media comrades, claimed the federal agents were “whipping” the Haitians. In fact, the agents on horseback were reining their horses. The stupidity of people is mind-boggling.

There is now going to be an investigation. Undoubtedly, it’s meant to distract from the widening border crisis and all the other Democrat crises. The US Department of Homeland Security on Monday pledged to “swiftly” conduct an investigation into what it called “extremely troubling” footage of Border Patrol agents on horseback aggressively dispersing Haitian illegal aliens. They said the agents might be disciplined. All they were doing was their job of corraling these potentially dangerous illegal aliens who were not listening.

They are going to spend more time investigating innocent agents doing their impossible job and disciplining them harshly than they do illegal aliens breaking our laws and storming our borders.

Democrats — who say nothing about Afghanistan — are pretending they are outraged.

The ‘whips’ are the horse reins the agents on horseback used to control/guide their horses. They also keep people from getting too close to the horses and getting hurt.


The full-on ignorance or deceit from these people who ‘report’ is a marvel. The poster below, one of many, is an employee of Julian Castro’s. Castro is the son of a LaRaza communist. We suspect Sawyer knows better and is a liar.

The only ‘cruelty’, a word Sawyer uses, comes from Democrats destroying our country by banning borders.

The police union chief Brandon Judd addresses it here:



  1. You mean whipped like a Devo video from the early 1980’s?
    I like whipped cream on my coffee and it is KETO!
    That is a cheating tip but don’t overdo it.
    Das Heimat Schutze is infiltrated, corrupted, reduced down to the lowest common egalitarian denominator and destroyed just like everything else in Traitor Joe’s CCP serf colony.
    Having clueless braindead vegetable traitors at the helm is bound to end in a trainwreck of EPIC Biblical proportions.

  2. What’s the big deal? The illegal aliens who’ve traveled for weeks are just visiting. They’re not looking to stay here! If they were they’d have to get tested, and COVID shots! If you believe that you’ll believe Lying Jen saying those law breakers are being “whipped”. Actually to view real whippings check out what the Taliban is doing to Afghan women. Then there are the beheadings. Compliments of Joe Biden.

  3. Sorry, but in my book Illegal Aliens have No Rights or Constitutional protections. They are not US Citizens. Whatever it takes to keep them inline is justified; including deadly force!

  4. John Bachman is a Putz. They were discussing the border and one guest wanted to bring up the “whipping” controversy. Bachman said he’d get to that in a minute and went on about Covid etc. After a bit he brought up AOC’s remarks about “immigration”, which didn’t mention the “whip”, and continued with immigration with no mention of the whip. After that exchange he ended the segment. What is Bachman afraid of, and is he completely ignorant in working a horse, and likely doesn’t know the difference between a bridle and a bit, let alone reins.

  5. They only do what we allow. We are allowing them full reign. They will take until we stop it. America doesn’t have the guts to stop it anymore. It was good while it lasted.

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