Censored Aussies angrily protest every day, facing off with riot cops


All social media is attempting to keep the Victoria protests out of the news as thousands protest.

Thousands of Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) members in Victoria, Australia, have returned to the streets as only hundreds of riot police try to fend them off.

We are heading for day 3 of the protests. It’s late evening in Australia right now.

They won’t like what Premier Daniel Andrews had to say early this morning.

Tyrant Andrew’s statement:

“There is no excuse for the terrible behavior we have seen in our city over the last two days. Acts of violence and disruption won’t result in one less case of Covid – in fact, it only helps the virus to spread.

“Thank you to the brave men and women of Victoria Police for their work today – and every day – to keep our community safe.

“We know vaccinations are our only ticket out of this pandemic. There is no other way. For those who think violence is the answer, I ask that you think of your fellow Victorians – doing the right thing over many months, following the advice of our health experts.

“We have come too far to turn back now. Please spare a thought for our healthcare workers who are working such long hours looking after patients, many who are struggling to breathe.”

“The more of us who get vaccinated, the fewer of us who will end up in hospital. It’s as simple as that.”

So, all fixed then. He’s a tyrant following the CCP approach and the union workers can’t feed their families. This statement will only seek to enrage.

Union Leader, John Setka, called his union members “fascist morons” yesterday and the union members showed up in force to confront him and the police.

The Australian media will not cover it. Union leaders, said to be corrupt by their own members, don’t want it publicized.

The union members are angry and they are demanding the end of the lockdowns and removal of the mask mandate immediately. They do not want vaccine mandates. The union members do want to be able to feed their families.

Mid-afternoon this day:

This is from September 20th:

Up-to-date information can be found here and here and here.

They have had various ways to overcome the censorship:



  1. They are quickly becoming France and the Yellow Vest movement. In this day and age it doesn’t work for Police to be used as Political Enforcement Teams. It only infuriates the public even more and only erodes a civil society and it’s rule of law. The result of the degradation of societal norms can only be anarchy, which ironically they are fighting against. You cannot strip the people of basic freedoms, enforce it with a “Police State”, and expect no public outrage. Rather than moderate the positions of government to ease the burdens of the people, they have become more extreme in their response. You will have those who firmly believe they have “nothing to lose”. Once a people get to that status, violence is an option. The more the government side escalates the more the other will respond in kind. There is no deescalation considerations. This is the beginning of a collapse in a country.

  2. I mock them with the Poofsterstan and other names in hopes that they grow a pair.
    They got feminized hard down there and it isn’t ending well.
    Fosters is still ratpiss and the Ozzies know it.
    Surly, belligerent, rabble.
    This is the way!

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