Dictator Biden ruled on healthcare today! 32,000 people died since he took office


Biden signed an executive order today that provided more funding for the failed Obamacare plan. Nothing like pouring good money after bad, money we don’t even have.

Where’s my $2,000 check that Biden promised? Oh, right, he’s the candidate who doesn’t care about the people.

Since Biden took office, more than 32,000 people have died, and in New York, where the Sentinel is based, we can’t get the vaccine. Our governor is incompetent.

When President Biden on Jan. 20 took office, 397,612 Americans had died of COVID-19, according to the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

In just more than a week in office, 32,358 more Americans have died, bringing the total to 429,870 by midday Thursday, John Solomon reports at Just the News.

The Biden administration has gotten off to a stuttering start to deal with the pandemic, Solomon says.

His only plan is to have us all wear masks all the time. Then he came out with a new plan — wear two masks all the time.

Where’s that plan, Joe? Oh, right, you changed your mind and said there’s nothing you can do to change the trajectory.

To all those alleged 81 million who voted for him, all I can say is, Suckers!

This next ad was sent to employees of a local New York hospital. It’s Bidencare now. What a joke. Biden doesn’t know where he is half the time. This is a Dem clown show.

In one order today, dictator Biden erased Trump’s limits on immigration and visas during the pandemic when jobs for American workers are scarce. More jobs will be lost to the foreign worker, but he’s all about helping the world. He should be president of the world.

Biden also signed away women’s/girl’s sports today:

It will soon be Kamala care. Biden is hacking, licking his fingers, touching everything, and where’s his mask?? He’s on federal property, and he is violating his own rules. In fact, where are his double masks? Hell, shouldn’t he be wearing three masks?

But at least we have BIDENCARE!


This week, Biden banned the phrase ‘China virus,’ which appropriately describes the China Wuhan virus from China. The former secretary of state Mike Pompeo wants Biden to recognize China’s role in the origination of the virus. Biden won’t.

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