Kevin McCarthy and DJT meet in FL and have a plan


President Trump invited Kevin McCarthy to Mar-a Lago while McCarthy was drumming up support in Florida. McCarthy accepted the invitation and Trump informed the media.

Kevin McCarthy had previously said that he thought Donald Trump instigated the riot on the 6th but has since walked it back. He said he doesn’t think that but does think Donald Trump should have acted sooner to stop it.

How? It erupted long before his speech ended and police were engaged. He could have called in the Guardsmen sooner, I suppose. Everyone’s a Monday morning quarterback.

In any case, DJT agreed to help the House and Senate candidates running in 2022. That’s big since Republicans didn’t do much to help him.

DJT puts country first.

DJT considered forming a third party, but that’s a bad idea. It would be a surrender to the Left and they’d gladly fund it. We are stuck with what we have. Hopefully, some conservatives will primary these Demicans running as Republicans. If we formed a third party, we’d have rejects from the Democrat Party and Magas which would give us what we have now.

We need to make this work.


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