Greg Abbott bans federal vaccine passports


Governor Greg Abbott will ban vaccine passports if they become a federal requirement. The White House says they won’t do it, but their wealthy friends running corporations will do it for them.

Think about this. They are going to take away our freedom to live normally unless we inject ourselves with their vaccine? There is hardly anything more restrictive than taking away a person’s ability to move about freely. We have had worse pandemics before, and never punished the healthy or made them take vaccines.

Think about the enforcement mechanisms. There is evidence the FBI would do it. This administration is tyrannical and they might have all the power of government in perpetuity. We will know soon. It’s alarming.

In order to get the vaccine passport, you would have to give a release for your private medical information to Big Tech and anyone else who handles it.

Polio was a killer but people still lived their lives. We’ve never done anything like this and we shouldn’t. We must reject the idea altogether. People have to stop being such lambs. The slaughter lies ahead.

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