Digitized Propaganda: ‘We are Harry Potter…William Wallace, the Na’vi…Han Solo’


Ukraine isn’t a NATO nation, but it’s treated as one, and the propaganda is heating up as more and more people become aware of what is really at risk and why it’s happening. The tweet below is an example of digitized propaganda. It’s meant to subtly push you into supporting Ukraine to the end, which could also be our end.

NATO is using movie heroes to lure us into believing that defending the borders of a corrupt country led by a dictator is more important than defending our own borders. Rebuilding Ukraine is more important than rebuilding US infrastructure. Why is Ukraine so important? Ask NATO and look at their goals for a new world order.

This NATO tweet is sick. We’re facing nuclear war with China and Russia, and they’re making it into Harry Potter.


In a Twitter thread, Pedro Gonzalez of Chronicles Magazine explains how digitized propaganda is used to further the Ukraine war. The following are excerpts or paraphrased excerpts.

Pedro Gonzalez begins the thread with “the NED, an NGO that promotes “civil society” around the world by, among other things, sponsoring and providing training for journalists and activists directly or indirectly. But it’s actually an appendage of the intelligence community.”

NED’s co-founder, Allen Weinstein, admitted as much. “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA,” he said in 1991. The point of the NED, in part, was to protect the intelligence community.

Carl Gershman, who served as the NED’s president from its founding in 1984 until 2021, called Ukraine “the biggest prize” in September 2013, Gonzalez writes.

Each of his comments comes with evidence.

Gonzalez delves into Victoria Nuland’s financial and other ties to the Maidan Revolution of 2014. She provided them with $5 billion since 1991 to help Ukraine achieve “the future it deserves.”

“Nuland’s been described as the architect of US-Ukraine policy…” Gonzalez writes. He calls Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan loons.

Nuland went on to influence the Maidan Revolution with a relatively small number of people in the beginning. “Today, she’s Biden’s undersecretary of state for political affairs.

Herd Mentality

The US-backed Maidan color revolution began in 2013, the same year then-NED president Gershman called Ukraine “the biggest prize,” and the same year the US Embassy in Kiev hosted “TechCamp Kiev 2.0” at the Microsoft Ukraine Headquarters.

March 1, 2013: “US Embassy Hosted TechCamp Kyiv 2.0 to Build Technological Capacity of Civil Society.” This screams Washington influence operation with an eye toward regime change.

The State Department bulletin said the program provided “hands-on training in a variety of areas ranging from fundraising using crowdsourcing, citizen journalism, PR tools for NGOs, Microsoft software and programs for NGOs, and more.” These are color revolution ingredients, writes Gonzalez on Twitter.

Tech Camps, Digitized Propaganda and Repressive Regimes

TechCamps supported the State Department’s Civil Society 2.0 initiative. Officially, it was about digitally modernizing NGOs and civil society organizations. But by now, thanks to people like @DarrenJBeattie, people know what that actually means.

TechCamps presented a digital tool for the State Department’s favorite regime change model: engineering contested elections and seemingly grassroots civil unrest to disrupt and override legitimate elections and dislodge incumbent governments—aka as color revolutions.“

Remember that The Arab Spring was also nurtured by an array of institutes financed through the NED.

Civil Society is an everpresent presence.

When Fast Company covered Civil Society 2.0., it credited “electronic evangelists like Jared Cohen” that the State Department had created “smart partnerships . . . with Google, Microsoft, the World Bank, and others to empower NGOs.”

FC: “The buzz at the State Department is all about Civil Society 2.0—the idea that the U.S. can help NGOs prosper through judicious use of technology. But at least one one international relations wonk believes Civil Society 2.0 will actually empower repressive regimes.

Gonzalez calls the DC regime the one most empowered by Civil Society 2.0, helping give rise to a coup in Ukraine that bore names like “Facebook Revolution.”

The usage of social media was instrumental to shaping perceptions of the movement from the outside. It was a potent combination of naïve idealists, State Department backed agitators, and CIA-funded “civil society” institutions.

It wasn’t a coincidence that key aspects of the revolution were similar to Civil Society 2.0’s program. The European Journalism Observatory even remarked the movement had seemingly “sprung from several grass root civic initiatives.

Digitized propaganda mutilates the good that tech can do. Tech can enslave as well as empower. It can provide truth or it can lie and manipulate.

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