Dingbat Governor Wannabe Wants Pot Farms as Reparations for Slavery


Far-far-left Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon was at the NYC Cannabis Parade on Saturday when she made a stunning suggestion, according to Forbes.

The actress wants to open pot farms all over the state and give the licenses to sell and the profit to blacks as reparations.

“Now that cannabis is exploding as an industry, we have to make sure that those communities that have been harmed and devastated by marijuana arrests get the first shot at this industry,” she said. “We [must] prioritize them in terms of licenses. It’s a form of reparations.”

New York’s chapter of Black Lives Matter criticized her statements saying they were offensive.

 “It does a disservice to our community for her to play into harmful stereotypes of African-Americans as drug users and dealers,” the group said in a statement obtained by the New York Daily News.

Local New York City politicians called her out out, but not for the position she is putting them in. She was criticized for lacking “understanding of the greatest crime in history,” said Keith Write, chairman of Manhattan’s Democratic Party.

“Reparations is a repayment for the free labor that built this country,” said Wright, who once served as chairman of New York State’s Democratic Part under Nixon’s political opponent and incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo. “Ms. Nixon should relegate her comments to legalization, pro or con.”

There should never be reparations. No white person alive today did anything to warrant turning over their money to blacks and no black today was a slave.

“We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity,” Nixon said in a video she posted on Twitter at the time.

It’s sad when a political candidate makes Andrew Cuomo look good.

This is the leftist governor wannabe:


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