Dire warning for America — “it could be over”


This article paraphrases an alarming and dark warning for America from Bill O’Reilly. It’s frightening in its accuracy.

Harvard’s world-famous medical school announced a new anti-racist training policy.

The medical school demands “we must be actively anti-racist. We absolutely unapologetically denounce our wretched racist system and its proponents without exception.”

This is what they think of America at Harvard Medical School. The comment is breathtakingly untrue and irresponsible.

Everyone in the World Should Be Allowed to Come in Illegally

Harvard and Yale’s professors teamed up for the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Program. They say every person in the world should be allowed into the United States to live because the US is allegedly responsible for global warming.

“Since the United States is one of the world’s greatest emitters of greenhouse gases and a contributor to the political instability of the region, the United States must bear responsibility in ensuring those who are forced to migrate could do so with security and dignity, because countries are devastated not only by rapid weather events but also by a slow moving environmental crisis such as droughts and coastal erosion. The Biden administration should consider making programs such as temporary protected status, deferred enforcement departure, and humanitarian parole available to those facing slow onset events as both urgent and worthy.”

Harvard and Yale want to destroy the country. They aren’t stupid people and they have to know this would destroy the country.

They have a vague plan to rebuild the country in some communist, fascist vision, stealing our money and spreading it around the world.

The Racist Dean

The assistant dean for graduate student affairs at Brandeis in Boston, Kate Slater, a white woman hates whites. She says we are all racist.

“Yes, all white people are racist in that all white people have been conditioned in a society where one’s racial identity determines life experiences, outcomes. And whiteness is the norm and the default. That includes me. I don’t hate white people. I hate whiteness.”

She’s a vicious, blatant racist and has no right to call everyone in the country racists who hurt others.

White people are targets for these hard-left people.

Everyone has to agree with them or they will be canceled.

As Bill O’Reilly said, this is fascism.

“This is fascism, this is what happened in Stalin’s Russia, in Hitler’s Germany, in Spain’s Franco. This is what happened. It’s happening here. Is Joe Biden going to stop it? No. Joe Biden’s on board. Is congress is going to stop it, not Democrats, Pelosi, and Schumer on board. So, now we’re in a position where we have to fight for our lives, literally. We, the people who don’t believe that skin color should drive national policy, who don’t believe that white people are evil or whiteness is evil, who don’t believe any of that, we now are fighting for our lives and we’re fighting for our assets, money that we earned honestly. We have to fight for it to keep it.”

As he said in his conclusion, “if in 2022, the left wins again, it could be over.”

It might already be too late.

He wants Republicans to immediately prepare lawsuits. It’s particularly frightening to hear Bill say this. He tends to low key these awful people.


Bill’s podcast is very worthwhile although we don’t always agree. He can be found at billoreilly.com.


A KGB defector warned us decades ago.

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