‘Devout Catholic’ Joe ends Hyde Amendment — all will pay for abortions


President Joe Biden on Friday did not include a 45-year-old pro-life policy in his final budget request to Congress for the 2022 fiscal year, thus allowing for the federal funding of abortions.

Joe Biden’s absurd $6 trillion budget cancels the Hyde Amendment, making all Americans pay for abortions to the moment of birth. It probably won’t survive in the Senate as long as there is a filibuster.

The Squad is thrilled. Rep. Ayanna Pressley wrote on Twitter: Budgets should be a reflection of our values. I am so glad to see @POTUS propose a budget free from the Hyde Amendment. It’s time to pass a federal budget that affirms abortion care as the fundamental right that it is.

Killing babies to the moment of birth has nothing to do with fundamental rights or healthcare. It’s more dangerous to abort a baby in the third trimester than it is to give birth.

Baby killers Planned Parenthood wrote: Planned Parenthood’s @alexismcgill calls @POTUS budget, which proposes ending the Hyde Amendment, a “historic step in the fight for reproductive freedom.”

These are not values or reproductive freedom. They are making people pay for the murder of babies.

Rep. Nadler said: I’m especially grateful to @POTUS for removing the blatantly discriminatory, abortion access-restricting Hyde amendment from his budget. It’s time to #BeBoldEndHyde.

Devout Catholic Joe said on the campaign trail, “As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden told an audience in South Carolina, “There’s no rationale that can be offered that if you’re covered by the federal system, you cannot then use federal funding to seek reproductive health care.” Before winning last year’s election, Biden also told primary voters that he “could no longer continue to abide by the Hyde Amendment,” according to Politico.

Passed in 1976, the “Hyde Amendment” was attached to spending bills related to taxpayer funding for healthcare to “prevent federal funding from directly underwriting elective abortion procedures.

Some people in this country have too little respect for the sanctity of life.

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