Director of Rogue CFPB Operates Illegally & Unabashedly So


The insufferable behavior of the Biden administration is no better exemplified than in Rohit Chopra. His arrogance knows no bounds. He is operating illegally and won’t even respond to Sen. Kennedy’s questions other than to tell him they looked at it, and they can do it illegally.

The Supreme Court ruled that the rogue Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is not an unconstitutional agency. Now, Congress is stuck with its illegal behavior. Elizabeth Warren’ chosen director, Rohit Chopra, does whatever he wants.

He’s spending money as he pleases.

As Dodd-Frank legislation demanded, Federal Reserve earnings are to be used to fund the CFPB. However, the Federal Reserve has been losing money since September 2022.

“How are you entitled to any money right now?” Kennedy asked. “The Federal Reserve doesn’t have any earnings.”

“I know you don’t like to hear this, but the law is the law. You’ve been operating illegally,” he said.

Watch DEI hire Chopra answer. He couldn’t care less and has no regard for the Senator. He operates illegally with impunity and no accountability.

CRPB is a typical government agency – it’s political and wasteful. It punishes businesses on behalf of their ideology and preferred voting bloc. It was established in the vision of socialist Elizabeth Warren.


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