Director Wray Blows Up at Hearing When Confronted with Facts


House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz (R-FL) exposed FBI Director Christopher Wray for what he is during a Wednesday hearing. Gaetz laid out lies and evasions by Wray and his agency.

These actions and lies have created a “two-tiered justice system” in this nation, Gaetz suggested.

Gaetz used his time to directly ask Director Wray whether he was “protecting the Bidens” by ignoring the Hunter Biden message revealing a “shake-down” of Chinese business investors. Joe Biden was allegedly present for this shake-down.

When asked if his agency is protecting the Biden family, Wray blew up and angrily said he is not protecting anyone politically when he clearly is doing exactly that.

Wray needs to be impeached.

We know there were federal agents in the crowd on January 6th. Wray then claimed he didn’t know if there were any, saying he was referring to undercover agents. He then said he didn’t think there were undercover agents on the scene, but claims he doesn’t know for certain.

This is typical of Wray. He evades, lies, or claims to know nothing. He is above the law and oversight.

Jim Jordan grilled the know-nothing Wray.

It’s infuriating.

Wray denied censoring Americans on social media. We know they did. Wray is pretending he’s just asking to take down dangerous misinformation.

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