FBI Director Wray to Deliver the FD-1023 from a “Highly Credible Source”


FBI Director Christopher Wray, who faced a contempt of Congress charge for not turning over a subpoenaed document, has relented. He will let the House Oversight Committee inspect it on Monday.

The document – an FD-1023 – allegedly shows Biden making a deal to profit from his role as vice president. The source for the document is a “highly credible” FBI source used in multiple investigations, reports Fox News. The FBI used the source for several years.

The form will detail “a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose,” including an arrangement to exchange money for policy decisions.

The document alleged Joe Biden engaged in a bribery scheme to change US policy in return for millions to his family’s businesses, lawmakers have said.

Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. James Comer demanded the document after an FBI whistleblower revealed the allegations.


On Wednesday, Wray said he would not turn the document over, but the lawmakers could read it.

A deal was struck yesterday.

“Chairman Comer will receive a briefing from the FBI and review the document on Monday,” his committee told Just the News in a statement. “Chairman Comer has been clear that anything short of producing the FD-1023 form to the House Oversight Committee is not compliance with his subpoena. This unclassified record contains pages of details that need to be investigated further by the House Oversight Committee.”

The  FBI told Just the News it wanted to accommodate Congress but needed to protect source information. The contempt charge probably had a little something to do with it.

“Director Wray offered to provide the Committee’s Chairman and Ranking Member an opportunity to review information responsive to the subpoena in a secure manner to accommodate the committee while protecting the confidentiality and safety of sources and important investigative sensitivities,” the bureau said. “The FBI has continually demonstrated its commitment to working with the Committee to accommodate its request, from scheduling briefings and calls to now allowing the Chair to review information in person. The FBI remains committed to cooperating with the Committee in good faith.”

Wray said the FD-1023 forms are used to verify unverified information.

However, Rep. Comer believes there is a great deal to this allegation, especially since it’s from a highly credible source.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 months ago

On Friday I heard about the deal for lying Christopher Wray to hand deliver the document to Representative Comer. Did he do it? Probably not, he’s a weasel and probably trying to weasel his way out of the deal.

3 months ago

McCarthy MUST go, but now the Democrats will protect him. The Budget Plan will bankrupt America and the people in power are now going to steal all they can before the Collapse. Every member of Congress who voted for the Biden-McCarthy plan is a Traitor.

With the election of Trump, the World Economic Forum Cult and the New World Order realized that they couldn’t just take over America. So they moved on to Plan ‘B’, Destroy America! I’m just amazed that how cheap it has been to buy off American Politicians and Bureaucrats.

At this point, both Biden and McCarthy have out lived their usefulness. Biden needs to be jettisoned before the 2024 Election, but McCarthy will do the bidding of Democrats not to Impeach him, so Democrats will keep him around. The Puppet Masters still need to take care of Trump! In a fair election Trump would take 60% of the Vote. There won’t be a fair election.

The only thing that can stop Collapse or War is an Article V Convention.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

There is so much more to hold Wray in contempt for, and impeachment.

McCarthy is awful. He swore Wray would present the document, and Wray then contradicted him. This is clear weakness, an inability to lead. Now we suddenly have a deal, and the contempt is defused. This is more of McCarthy’s “compromise” strategy, that is, to protect DC.

Comer and Grassley have already seen the document, they said so, the intention is to make the entire thing except source names public. My hunch is the McCarthy “compromise” includes redactions and non-public release.