Dirty Tricks Kasich Is In NH Trashing President Trump & the GOP


It is well past time for John Kasich to become a Democrat, but he won’t because he wants to move the GOP left.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich insulted President Trump in New Hampshire on Thursday, claiming Trump plays ‘the blame game’ and makes victims out of people. It seems he hasn’t noticed that’s a strictly Democrat play.

“What I have resented and disliked about the president is instead of being a unifier and someone who can dig deep into people’s problems and say ‘yes those are problems, but together we can fix them,’ he has played a blame game,” said Kasich, who sees himself as a possible presidential candidate in 2020.

“He has allowed people to consider themselves victims… It’s not personal, I just completely disagree with it,” Kasich said.

It is personal and Kasich has every intention of running for President to prevent the President — he hopes — from winning Ohio. He has done it before, and if he can hurt the President by insulting him in different states, he will do it.

If it wasn’t for President Trump, the Senate would have been lost but Kasich won’t acknowledge that because he doesn’t want Republicans to unify around the President. He doesn’t care how he hurts his own party.


  1. Kasich is a dirity loser. He can enter the race for pres as often as he wants and the result will still be the same. He used to be a decent man but he is vindictive and unfair. Why would anyone vote for him. A long time ago I actually liked and respected him but no more. Does he think that other Rep don’t judge him in the same manner. He’s a back stabber just like Flake.

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