Discover, GoFundMe cancel conservatives, allow revolutionaries


Credit card company Discover has decided to discontinue credit cardholders giving money to the GiveSendGo platform, which was used to launch a campaign for Rittenhouse’s legal defense. Currently, all indicators point to self-defense in the Rittenhouse case.


Yet they appear to be fine letting credit cardholders donate in support of a man who is alleged to have thrown bricks at police officers during riots in Pittsburgh.


GoFundMe, which is notorious for canceling conservative fundraisers, even when it comes to police or people injured by radicals, crowdsources funds for radical leftists.

A campaign to support Kyle Rittenhouse was taken down. He is the 17-year-old who shot three men who were attacking him in Kenosha during the riots. Two of those men, antifas, died.

Fundraising for Rittenhouse violated their terms of service which are, get this, to prohibit “activity that GoFundMe may deem in its sole discretion to be unacceptable.”

In other words, they have no definable terms of service.

At the same time, the site brags it is “The most trusted free online fundraiser platform.”

Molotov Cocktail-carrying rioters are A-OK, however. Zachary Alexander Karas of San Diego was caught by police with two Molotov Cocktails at a protest in La Mesa, according to an op-ed at Post Millennial.

They not only hosted his campaign but donated $150 themselves.

It’s not just because it’s Rittenhouse.

Recently, Candace Owens’ GoFundMe for an Alabama bar owner was taken down when he called George Floyd a ‘thug’ and protesters “idiots.” His opinion was not allowed.

Ms. Owens said, “Once again, conservatives and Trump supporters need to adapt to a world that tells us that our very existence is unacceptable. That our ideas, thoughts, and now even our charitable efforts are unacceptable. That threatening, boycotting, and canceling us is okay.”

GoFundMe canceled the campaigns of Christian bakers and faith-based florists who refused service to same-sex weddings. They wouldn’t allow funds for the officers — charged but found innocent — in the death of Freddie Gray.




  1. Though I’ve never had a Discover card, I find it reprehensible that any credit card provider should control what the user does with his credit.

    That’s akin to the Mayor of New York City mandating that nobody can purchase a 32oz soft drink. There are ways around both the Discover ban and the Mayor’s ban. Each involves going to another product.

    In the Mayor’s case, one simply buys two 16oz drinks. In Discover’s case, one simply cuts their Discover Card in half (right through the chip) and either uses a competing credit provider’s card or finds a way to mail a check or money order directly to Kyle Rittenhouse.

    Discover will soon discover that a lot of its current users will soon discover that Discover SUCKS!

    • By the way, GoFundMe skims a lot on your donation off the top and gives the rest to the target. IIRC, they get 10%, or maybe it’s 15%.

      I wouldn’t give them 15¢

      …my 2¢ worth is the limit!

    • I’m not a lawyer, but how do they have any say in who or where you can use your card with? That seems highly illegal to me. Seems like a law suit is needed.

      Also, if gofundme actually has “The most trusted free online fundraiser platform.” on their website, and they take a portion of the donations, isn’t that false advertising?

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