Suspect in execution of Aaron Danielson dies in shootout with officers


Michael Reinoehl, the Antifa terrorist who shot and killed a popular Trump supporter Aaron Danielson in Portland on Saturday night, was killed in a shootout with a U.S. Marshalls Task Force. The mystery is why he was even on the streets to get shot.

He was involved in ongoing violence, even after the murder of Mr. Danielson, who was assassinated for wearing a Patriot Prayer hat and a blue lives matter insignia.

Reinoehl died in Lacey, Washington in a suburban apartment complex as U.S. Marshalls moved in to arrest him. According to The Olympian, he fired off 40 to 50 shots before the Marshalls returned fire, killing him.

The Olympian reported that Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer confirmed the man who was killed is 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl, the suspect in last weekend’s fatal shooting.

Sheriffs were sent to an apartment in Pierce County to arrest Reinoehl.

“The suspect came out to the car,” Troyer said. “They attempted to put him into custody and shots were fired.”

The man was inside a vehicle at the apartment complex when the shootout began.

The suspect ran from the car. Officers said he pulled out a gun and the officers fired, according to Brady.

Reinoehl was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brady confirmed that four officers fired their weapons. The officers were from the Department of Corrections, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, and Lakewood Police Department.

Two witnesses saw the man got out of his vehicle and began to fire what they believe was an assault rifle at the SUVs. They said they heard 40 or 50 shots, then officers returned fire, hitting the man.

Warning, the aftermath of the shooting:

Just yesterday, an idiotic Democrat writer tried to gain more acceptance for antifa and Reinoehl. Reinoehl said he was “100% antifa.” Ironically, even antifa hated it. They don’t want the media making them look too normal.

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3 years ago

Karma comes fast