Disgrace! Trudeau blames US for Iran killing 176 people


In an interview with Global News, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 48, said on Monday that the United States bears responsibility for Iran’s downing of a Ukrainian airplane last Wednesday, which killed all 176 passengers on board.

“I think if there were no tensions, if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families,” Trudeau said in an interview on Monday.

Fifty-seven Canadians were among those killed last Wednesday after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fired a ballistic missile at a commercial Boeing 737 plane. The strike occurred during an Iranian attack on Iraqi airbases housing U.S. military personnel. In other words, they were attacking us at the time.

Trudeau said the incident is “something that happens when you have conflict and war.”

What about the fact that they let a passenger plane go up in a bad area during a rocket attack???

This dirtbag wimp lost 57 Canadians. We lost over 600 citizens. We are supposed to let Soleimani keep killing our soldiers? Who in their right mind blames the U.S.? These leftists are irrational and illogical.

What kind of ally is this?

The Iranians either deliberately or accidentally through malfeasance killed nearly 180 people and it’s our fault? I know, let’s give them the right to build a nuclear weapon. They might hit Toronto. Oh, what the hay, it must be Canada’s fault.

It is important to remember that the U.S. did not escalate anything. Soleimani attacked our embassy and brazenly trotted around like he owned Baghdad. He killed over 600 of our Americans. It’s hard to express how damn angry I am.

He is a moron. Let him side with Iran. Go for it, you fool, Justin. They just killed 57 of your countrymen.

He was concerned that he didn’t have a warning. What doesn’t this fool get about it being an instantaneous decision?




  1. It wasn’t the tension, which was real enough, that fired the rockets. it was the Iranians. We didn’t cause the tension, the Iranians did. We’re merely trying to end the tension and that means ending those who cause it. Personally I see no reason not to take out national leaders who are our enemies. We always did before, what’s changed? We let the instigators stay and only their order takers have to die? We didn’t feel that way about Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito etc.

  2. If you commit a crime and someone is killed in the Proces, YOU are guilty of murder.
    Trump murdered Soleimani while he was traveling under a diplomatic passport and Under a White Flag.
    Thus setting into motion the mess that ended in a civilian plane that TURNED AROUND UNEXPECTEDLY and was shot down.
    Yes, We ARE to blame. Especially if there is ant truth to the report we hacked their transponder to send wrong ID.

    • He was a designated terrorist leader by the Obama and Trump administrations. No diplomatic white flag, no special treatment. Sadly it has to be explained for ignoramuses abroad.

    • A diplomatic passport and a white flag.for a terrorist. Bin Laden should have thought of that. Trump saved American lives YOU LYING P O S. Get the hell out of the USA traitor!

  3. What a pathetic POS ! Trudat is going to make TENSIONS between the USA and Canada so bad we may build a NORTHERN WALL! There is already a movement for part of Canada to succeed and hopefully become part of the USA. That part contains their vast oil reserves and INTELLIGENT PEOPLE!! And what is that “new look” he has going? Maybe the better to blend in with his fellow mullahs???

  4. The Iranian Mullahs lied about the shoot down for over three days. satan is the father of all lies which shows you were the mullahs are coming from.

  5. As a western Canadian I want to apologize for this garbage, please know most of us, (literally, a minority government) most of us despise how he acts and please, as those who lived under obama you must know how this feels. Just know no one I know blames the US, and neither do I. This is just embarrassing and wrong.

    • Apology accepted. Now do something about it. Get rid of the fool you have as a pm.
      Next thing you know Truedat will have a full beard and wrap a rag around his head. Get him out before that happens or your country is full on toast.
      Sad to say. I lived close to BC and have fond memories of the people and visits to your area. Really sad.
      Just sayin’.

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