Democrats in mourning for Soleimani block vote to support Iran protesters


Congressional Democrats blocked a vote to condemn Iran’s government for killing 1500 protesters and for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, killing 176 people.

The vote came in at 226-191.

We have to be patient with Democrats. They are still in mourning over the loss of the terrorist and they don’t like to upset the religious fascists in control of the people in Iran.

Meanwhile, what Democrats care about is an unconstitutional War Powers Act. Tim Kaine said he has the 51 votes to pass it in the Senate. It’s a bill to seize the powers of the President to protect Americans through military action.

Back to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s resolution.

The resolution: “(3) condemns the Government of Iran for repeatedly lying to its people and to the world about its responsibility for the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752; (4) calls on the Government of Iran to— (A) refrain from the use of violence; and (B) protect the rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly; and (5) supports the protestors in Iran, their demands for accountability, and their desire for the Government of Iran to respect freedom and human rights.”

McCarthy made the announcement of the resolution after Iran’s government police allegedly fired live rounds into protesters two nights ago.

This also came as the President tweeted his support. “I’ve stood with you since the beginning of my Presidency, and my Administration will continue to stand with you. We are following your protests closely, and are inspired by your courage.”


Leader McCarthy tweeted, “While Democrats are trying to remove President Trump from office, the President is focused on removing terrorists from the face of the earth.”

Prior to that, he tweeted, “This is happening in Iran & yet Dems blocked @GOPLeader‘s resolution to express our support for these brave protestors. The Iranian regime killed 1,500 of its own people in Nov., initially lied about downing the Ukrainian airliner, & is the lead sponsor of terrorism.”



There was no reason, no reasonable reason, to block this resolution. Iranian rulers turned the Internet off so they could kill the revolt by killing and imprisoning their people.

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3 years ago

God, demoncraps are pathetic…they are losers thru and thru