Soleimani just slaughtered 600 Americans! Barr addresses the termination!


It is absolutely insane that anyone would question the termination of the world’s worst terrorist who just attacked our embassy and had only just begun accelerating his attacks.

The attacks were ongoing and Qassem Soleimani felt he could keep doing it without any accountability.

What is really so downright wrong is that anyone in the United States would question the execution of a terrorist who killed more than 600 Americans. He just killed an American two weeks prior.

Democrats pretended we were heading for war after the termination, along with their Libertarian-leaning Republicans. They decided — during their mourning and support for Soleimani — that they would try to diminish the role of the President.

The War Powers Act, their attempt to seize the power of the presidency, is unconstitutional and just another attempt to make the President look bad.

Wake up America. This man was a terrorist and the Quds Force is a designated terror group. They are legitimate targets.

Watch the Attorney General answer a question on Soleimani:

h/t Tom D

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Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
3 years ago

As Barr continues the framing of Flynn, we are not persuaded by Barr’s frequent appearances in which he portrays a champion of justice. Barr has no jurisdiction over the US actions to fight terrorism overseas. This is nothing but another distraction by Barr to win public opinion as he does nothing.