Disgraced Andrew Cuomo Wants to Snooker You With This Comeback Ad


Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned from office in disgrace. It was less than a year ago and he is already planning his return to public life.

Bloomberg News reports Andrew Cuomo claims he has been vindicated and won’t rule out a run for office.

He was accused of sexual harassment by eleven women. That includes a trooper who is still suing him civilly. More importantly, his policies led to the deaths of countless elderly people and he seeded nursing homes. He stubbornly continued the policies even after he knew the policies were killing people. Then he allegedly covered it up.

Let’s not forget he used his staff to write a $5 million book filled with lies to cover up for his senior citizen deaths.

He wants to run for office again sooner rather than later.


Cuomo’s campaign confirmed it had commissioned “a number of ads” in response to questions from the paper after The Post independently obtained one of the commercials.

The 30-second spot reviewed by The Post selectively strings together snippets from TV reports about the outcomes in those cases to bolster Cuomo’s continued claims of exoneration.

Charges were dropped allegedly for technical reasons, and he is not exonerated.

The New York Daily News reports that the prosecutors found the allegations against him “credible.” He’s also not popular, having gone from 60% favorability to 33%, and 56% said he was not exonerated [Siena Poll].

This is allegedly the BS ad he is trying to pawn off on people:

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