Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok will teach at Georgetown U

Peter Strzok here will teach at the Catholic University, Georgetown.

Georgetown University hired the fired, disgraced, corrupt Peter Strzok, a vulgarian who obsessively ranted Trump-hate during work hours with his lover Lisa Page.

Strzok, a graduate of Georgetown, is an adjunct who will teach a “Counterintelligence & Nat’l Security” class in the fall semester.

That should be interesting. The last thing he should discuss is national security. He helped orchestrate a coup against the sitting President, lied under oath, violated his oath as an FBI agent.

MSNBC has hired Page as a legal and security analyst. Both Page and Strzok are suing DOJ over their termination.

Peter still hates President Trump and his supporters and continues his vile comments on his Twitter page.




  1. The absurdity of hiring that corrupt cretin boggles the mind. It certainly doesn’t impress me with anyone who wants to waste tuition on attending classes given by someone who is a traitor. Is Georgetown U planning to build a wing in commemoration of Benedict Arnold?

  2. The coup is embedded deep into our establishment.

    The reason that the coup conspirators thrive is the incredible irresponsibility of Sessions and Barr.

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