Comrade Newsom puts out rules for family gatherings at holiday time


California Governor Gavin Newsom released the latest set of COVID compliance rules for family gatherings.  This is not the Babylon Bee and Newsom is apparently counting on Nazi-like family members to turn in relatives and friends. How else is he going to enforce this?

Some of the rules:
  • “Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited.”
  • “The host should collect names of all attendees and contact information.”
  • “All gatherings must be held outside. Attendees may go inside to use restrooms as long as the restrooms are frequently sanitized.”
  • “Seating must provide at least 6 feet of distance (in all directions—front-to-back and side-to-side)” …
  • “…any food or beverages at outdoor gatherings must be in single-serve disposable containers.”
  • “People who are singing or chanting are strongly encouraged to do so quietly (at or below the volume of a normal speaking voice).”
  • Everyone at a gathering should frequently wash their hands with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. A place to wash hands or hand sanitizer must be available for participants to use.
  • People at gatherings may remove their face coverings briefly to eat or drink as long as they stay at least 6 feet away from everyone outside their own household, and put their face covering back on as soon as they are done with the activity.
  • Gatherings should be two hours or less.  The longer the duration, the risk of transmission increases.

There are a lot more rules on this link.

This is not appropriate, even for a pandemic. It’s totalitarianism.

Do you think he will follow any of his own rules?

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