“Disgraceful” Jeff Sessions Responds to Trump’s Public Excoriation


President Trump slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for pushing the FISA abuse case off on to the Inspector General. When a case goes to the IG’s office, it can literally take years to resolve.

The FISA abuse is very serious because it could mean the Obama administration illegally unmasked and spied on the Trump campaign.

Trump stated it “will take forever” in the hands of the IG. He’s correct.

Everything with the Russia-Trump fishing probe is urgent and in the hands of a Special Counsel, but potential spying by one administration on another is relegated to an endless information gathering process by the IG. The IG has no power to act once the information is put together.

The President called Sessions’move “disgraceful”. He was roundly bashed for making his comments by the media and other establishment types. Despite their view, the President has a point.

Sending it to the Inspector General is like sending it to the morgue. He has no prosecutorial powers.

To be fair, Sessions knows things we don’t know.


President Trump might have hoped Sessions would resign after the public humiliation. But, Judging from Sessions’ response, he has no intention of leaving.

One congressman rose to the occasion. Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) sent a letter to do-nothing Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wednesday urging him to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate FISA abuses and how/why Hillary’s probe ended and Trump’s Russia probe began.

Jason Chaffetz wants Sessions to resign.

    • Chaffetz has a good suggestion. But, Sessions is involved in the coverups. If he leaves he defeats his purpose. The only way he will leave is to cause another scandal for Trump. Sessions will not leave for a good motive.

  • Him too. Definitely need a pit bull.

    Suggestion for Trump’s next tweet: “Initiating a massive search for Atty. General Jeff Sessions missing since Feb. 2017.”

    Ya suppose that would make things even more awkward?

  • Sessions is a plant, a saboteur, a mole that infiltrated Trumps administration to be a stumbling block from within. There is no other explanation for his traitorous moves. Trump has surrounded himself with enemies!

    • I recall no pressure on Sessions to recuse. He did it as a planned act of betrayal. I have studied what he has said, not said, done, and not done since then. I am certain his motives are bad. And in the most outward sense, his body language and words indicate deception. A result of his betrayal, the Rosenstein/Mueller legal attack, is consistent with this. Trump’s frequent criticisms of the DOJ & Sessions prove that Sessions is defying the president.

      There is extensive disinformation on Sessions spread by both the gullible and the deceivers. The latest story is that Sessions will wait for the right moment, put on his white hat, and get the bad guys. The story claims that Sessions and Trump are playing 3D chess, secretly working together. Such nonsense is spread by deep state sites, such as CTH. There is no evidence that these stories are ture, and huge evidence that there is not.

      Sessions intends to stall the investigations as long as possible, and to minimize any action he is forced to take, while Mueller attempts to indict Trump. He intends to out distance Trump.