Disgraceful softball interview with Hunter, labeling laptop scandal as ‘rumor’


CBS News interviewed Hunter Biden on CBS News Sunday Morning. It was pure propaganda. They are no longer trustworthy news sources. They’re activists who repeatedly misinform their audience.

Newsbusters noted that they spent 26 seconds on the ongoing investigation into Hunter’s finances and sketchy business dealings.

“What is it about? Can you say anything more?” Smith inquired. Biden insisted he was innocent and she moved on.

She talked about Burisma, asking if he understood that the controversy was ridiculous.

She reduced it to “optics.”  Hunter said he definitely didn’t do anything wrong and no “serious” journalist would say otherwise. Then, reporter Tracy Smith narrated over the laptop story that despite his obviously reassuring innocence “the rumors lived on.”

RUMORS she said as the New York Post flashed onscreen. It’s already been made clear that the NY Post story was accurate and confirmed by the FBI.

None of this was a rumor, and it has been proven true. The NY Post story is true and factual. This is the story that the media and social media disgracefully hid during the election.

CBS has no shame. They also went along with the lies by Joe Biden and others about Georgia’s Election Integrity Act, which they later partially corrected.

Hunter is absolutely sure he will be cleared. We are too, but not because he’s innocent, but because he’s Joe’s son.

At one point, he suggested the Russians hacked him. He claimed he never dropped a laptop off for repairs but it sure looks like his signature.




  1. Be of good cheer. We have the most popular preezy of the steezy evarz and our troops are so so GAY, yay! (unicorns shoot potpurri scented fewmets across the fruited plain)
    If Dear Leader should falter going up the glorious stairs of victory then the historic high heels czar the Kamal will lead us to a golden 1000 year reign of super duperness!
    Forward, yes we can, Si se puede!
    Comrade kommissar Hunter? He has no ‘splainin to do for he is part of the burn it all down better plan, maybe just a minor role but an enlightened utopia building being nonetheless.
    He shared a few choom loads with Communist Bolshevik Soviet comrades after the ballwash session.
    The enemedia (CCP)? Bwahaha, honk honk goes the clown horn.

  2. I watched the entire 9+minute interview. Hunter made every excuse in the book for what he did and accepted no responsibility for the laptop.

  3. Hunter is going to be a point man for the Biden administration. The media can do anything they please in this country and they are going to exonerate Hunter Biden and have him speak for the administration, since his father, the President, isn’t having news conferences , or at least only rarely.
    Hunter can speak well, so will be a great interview subject from inside the White House.

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