Disney Creeps on Children with Crazed Gender Ideology


Creepy Disney is doubling down on its LGBTQIA+PRIDE push for children. They are using Baymax the robot to indoctrinate and confuse children.

To make matters worse, anyone who dares question this is called a right-wing troll or worse.

Why do you have to be right-wing to object? Why is this even political? No one should want their children confused and screwed up by Disney.

According to an article on Indiewire, Baymax is just traveling about giving helpful advice.

From the article:

Another day, another moral panic about Disney using cartoons to lure children down a path of sexual degeneracy.

In a turn of events that seems inevitable in hindsight, various right-wing trolls are speaking out against “Baymax!,” a new Disney+ series based on the inflatable robot from “Big Hero Six.” …

The show was intended to be a wholesome vehicle to tell stories about healing people’s bodies and minds at the same time. Creator Don Hall has been open about the fact that it was inspired by vintage medical dramas featuring kind doctors who always solve their patients’ problems.

Are we really supposed to accept this? Just a “wholesome vehicle”. How stupid do they think we are?

There are very few people who have gender dysphoria. This is not something they need to expose every young child to. This is strictly the business of parents.

The article demonizes people like Chris Rufo, who is warning parents of what is an obvious danger. Disney creators are creeps.

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