District 22 election! GOP presents 1000 potentially fraudulent ballots


State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte on Friday ruled against batches of dozens of votes that Democrat Anthony Brindisi hoped would count in the ongoing 22nd Congressional District.

That should ensure Republican Claudia Tenney’s victory for a seat in the House of Representatives after three months of lawsuits resulting from Andrew Cuomo’s last minute changes in election law.

On Friday, Oneida County officials reported that Tenney had grown her lead by 93 votes after they reviewed more than 1,000 as-of-yet uncounted ballots in search of voters who applied to vote on time but were ‘erroneously’ left unregistered by Election Day.

Brindisi still has an appeal pending, and wants to keep Tenney from serving her constituents for as long as possible.

Tenney is currently ahead by 122 votes in the unofficial race, and has been consistently ahead.

Also, DelConte ruled that he would not count several categories of votes that Brindisi’s attorneys challenged.

Some categories:

  • 128 ballots from voters who voted in the right election district but wrong polling place. In addition to 20 ballots cast in the wrong county.
  • 85 ballots from voters who were listed in the state voter database as “purged.”
  • 51 ballots from voters who dropped their absentee ballots in a ballot drop box outside of their election district. These were ballots that were later sent to the correct polling place after a state deadline.

Voting in the wrong polling place is a common ballot harvesting tactic. The frauds cast their ballots where it has the most impact, aka a red area. We don’t know if that is what happened here.

Brindisi wants to keep going until he wins or at least keeps her from ever serving. He believes the election has no endpoint.

This video was banned and deleted by YouTube, It came with a warning that I must not put up election videos again or I will receive a strike:

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