District 22 race still not decided – thank Hillary’s dossier firm and NY’s King


The race in New York’s District 22 is ongoing. Republican Claudia Tenney has consistently led but the dossier firm Perkins Coie constantly puts roadblocks in the way of her winning. Some of the things they do are bizarre. For example, the law firm is suing to allow 69 Democrats who didn’t vote to register now and vote.

There is so much more.

The entire mess is thanks to Andrew Cuomo, our king here in New York, who changed the election laws right before the election and rammed them through the Dem-controlled legislature.

If you don’t think Cuomo has the power of a king, you’d be wrong. It’s what all Democrats are gunning for under the puppet administration of Joe Biden. And, he’s a nasty king.

It’s a complete mess.

You have to listen to this to believe it: YouTube took this down because you are not allowed to alleged election fraud. Claudia Tenney said these things and I am not allowed to post it. Fortunately, I have a Rumble video below.


The interview with Dr. Tenney:

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