Parler CEO forced to flee his home over Amazon ‘vilification’


John Matze, the CEO of free-speech app Parler, has reportedly fled his home due to death threats. His lawyers blame it on a “vilification” effort by Amazon. The tech giant accused the platform of allowing violent content before they canceled them. Parler was also canceled by Apple, Google, Flurry, Captcha, Tullio, mail providers, etc.


In a court filing on Friday, Parler asked in court for privacy protections for its employees. The filing alleged that employees had been exposed to abuse and a torrent of threats. They say it’s due to Amazon’s much-publicized accusations against the company.

Matze’s declared that “many Parler employees are suffering harassment and hostility, fear for their safety and that of their families, and in some cases have fled their home state to escape persecution.”

The Parler CEO recently admitted that Parlier might be waging a losing battle in its bid to go back online. According to the filing, he had to flee his home, fearing for his and his family’s well-being.

Matze said there were invasive personal security breaches at his home.

Is this America? Where a free speech advocate has to go into hiding???

Citing “the highly charged nature of this public and polarizing dispute” with Amazon, Parler asked the court to seal employees’ personal information, the firm’s correspondence with Amazon, as well as a “screenshot of a tweet from Ashli Babbitt’s account.”

On Monday, Matze told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that he was afraid to go home due to the avalanche of threats he has been bombarded with following the events of January 6 and after Amazon argued that his company failed to curb hate speech on the platform.


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Van Helsing
Van Helsing
2 years ago

This is the fundamentally transformed America, comrade.
Soon all kulaks will have to go into hiding or flee as the purge intensifies.
The unwoke Red Guards have gone off the rails as the faculty lounges erupt with laughter and clouds of dope smoke billow out from under the immaculate Chicago Jesus altar shrine.
Pol Pot is laughing in the hot sulfur stench place as he plays Monopoly with Marx and Lenin, Stalin was too violent and Satan thought he might take over so he is banished to watch an endless loop of Oprah and sportsball pre-game show blather.
Standing and fighting wherever you are is always an option.
The forces of evil have come out into the open and revealed who they really work for.
There is no mystery about where does he hide or he doesn’t exist which were just great tricks.