Obamagate: FBI knew Joseph Mifsud was working with Italian spies


Techno Fog is back on Twitter. Can’t imagine why Techno was ever taken down. The fog only puts up court cases with one- or two-line comments.

This is from the newly-declassified Senate Judiciary docs which we discussed yesterday.

This next excerpt is new. The FBI did know that Joseph Mifsud was working with Italian intelligence figures/trainers at Link Campus in Rome. They knew because the FBI worked there too. Mueller obviously didn’t want to include that in his report.

We thought you’d like to read these excerpts. The FBI ‘lost’ the back-up data for the first two FISA warrants on Carter Page. The FBI used Ohr as an intermediary to Steele after they fired him. Ohr was allowed to retire with all his benefits by Bill Barr.


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