Disturbing! Thousands of Pennsylvanians voted the same day their ballot was mailed?



The following information is disturbing.

According to this man’s work, thousands of ballots were filled out the same day Pennsylvania mailed them out.

Why is the dataset deleted?

Pennsylvania has removed their open data. Why?


It’s just so hard to believe this lazy, stupid man won with nearly 80 million votes:

How will the fake news media make money now?



  1. THIS CERTAINLY explains why Pa election workers were ORDERED TO BACKDATE WHEN ballots were mailed. Yes, there are signed affidavits swearing under threat of perjury charges, they were ALL ordered to commit fraud.

    I saw the evidence of on very enterprising, IT guy on twitter. After reviewing slightly less than 1/3 of mail in ballots, he estimated 20,000 were stamped received either BEFORE they were mailed to the voter, on the same day it was mailed or just 1 day after they were mailed.

    Thus, the estimated number of mail fraudulent ballots WHICH MUST BE DISQUALIFIED with this ALONE would be AT LEAST 90.000 votes. This ALONE puts Trump winning Pa.

    Now lets find out how many votes were taken FROM Trump and gifted to Biden.

    “Does anybody actually believe Biden got more votes than Trump?” NO, OF COURSE NOT.

    A better question, are we to believe Biden got more votes than Barack Hussein? And btw, Dominion was used by Obama/Biden in 2012. I have also heard the CIA program,The Hammer, was also employed in 2012. Makes sense since Brennan REMOVED The Hammer and Scorecard from the CIA’s coffers in 2009.

    I believed Obama won in 2008 but you will NEVER convince me he won fairly in 2012. People i Knew voted for him in 2008 … NONE of the voted for him in 2012, NOT ONE. Nor did I know anybody at all who voted for him in 2012. It’s not proof but this is not meaningless either.

  2. What a scam. A blatant, overt, insulting Democrat scam. But, with the help of the MSM and the corrupt Bagpiper’s inaction…they’ll still be able to force it down our throats.

  3. Remember – we are watching demonrats, they have no integrity, speak no truth, they are not patriotic, they have no honor, they don’t believe in our constitution!! Real Americans, with critical thinking ability, knew this fraud was coming!!

  4. There was obvious evidence that Obama spied on Trump`s campaign….nothing happened. There was obvious evidence Hillary paid for the Steele Dossier….nothing happened. Hillary had an illegal server and destroyed emails and evidence….nothing happened.

    America is a Banana Republic and your vote means squat.

  5. He is exactly right, The public needs to see action not press conferences that get nothing positive done. I am so sorry for them that the President has not fired anyone IE Wray, Barr and Justice Dept officials, which would help them with fighters for them in those positions. I ask myself now for two years why BUT NEVER SEEM TO GET AN ANSWER.

  6. Don’t forget – in PA, Philadelphia in particular, they had walkup mail ballot request stations that then immediately handed out a ballot so the applicant could fill it in and hand it back as voted. This was a blatant “work around” to no “early voting” in PA. When the GOP sued to have poll challengers present, they were denied by the Court because these were not “polling places”, even though voting was taking place at the locations.

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