Mobs destroy businesses over a broad area of Portland, no arrests made



No arrests were made last night as marauding mobs of Antifa vandalized and smashed businesses along a busy street in Portland. This took place during the now-weekly destruction of Portland. It goes beyond a limited downtown area. The anarchist-communists have branched out.

Portland Police explained that the group mostly dispersed prior to officers’ arrival. No arrests have been made.

When officers arrived in the area, businesses were already damaged. Windows were shattered and spray painted. Rioters hurled a motorized scooter through the glass windows of one business, probably destroying it.

Photographs showed damaged buildings, along with pro-transgender and Antifa graffiti. According to one witness, the group was chanting “black lives matter” while marching.

Twenty-four businesses were vandalized on Northeast Sandy Boulevard, police said. The damage was done in 10 minutes with officers tied up downtown, a videographer on the scene said in a tweet now deleted.

“As officers arrived on the scene, the group had dispersed on their own, thus no arrests.


Some of the stores had the name of a black transgender smeared with red paint on windows. Tete Gulley was found hanging from a tree. She had committed suicide.

Also, the police are asking for information regarding the kidnapping and gunpoint robbery of a UPS driver in NE Portland earlier tonight. The driver was confronted by four black males who tied him up and stole packages from the truck. They fled in a Honda.

Crime is supported and empowered in Portland.



    • Haven’t you heard? Even people protecting their homes and lives are persecuted by Soros funded district attorneys. And it’s not that I disagree with you, I don’t, but the last time I heard, vigilantism is against the law, so you know these DAs would have a field day with them as using them to bolster their lie that we so called White supremacists and conservatives are causing the riots and violence. Of course the Black, Latino and other minorities who are also conservative break their narrative but they have names for those good people too.

  1. I don’t believe it will be much longer until Portland looks like the trashed NYC in the movie, “Escape From New York.” The only way to stop this BS is for businesses to close their doors and, along with the rest of the law abiding citizens who actually pay the taxes that support local government, leave Portland, Seattle and the other cities that enable the anarchists.

  2. If the communists of panti-fa and BurnLootMurder get just a bit farther out on Sandy, they most probably will run into some serious anti-communist action.

    This is all most easily solved, all it takes is for a few locals to follow an age-old formula for dispersing cattle and dilettantes; rooftop + rifle=panti-fa communists running away.


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