Syracuse U’s canceling or redesigning tests for distressed students


Syracuse University professors are canceling midterms because the students are stressed, Campus Reform reports.

For real!

Some professors are redesigning the midterms to make life easier for distressed students.

The Daily Orange, the student newspaper of Syracuse, interviewed Julie Hasenwinkel, a biomedical and chemical engineering professor who decided to cut her classes’ midterm exams.

When classes were in-person, Hasenwinkel usually gave two midterm exams and a final exam in her upper-level class. However, this year, she decided to call them off and in lieu of them, assigned weekly 20-minute quizzes that students complete during class.

Hasenwinkel believes that redesigning her course’s testing schedule was a practical choice, especially since it has alleviated some of the burdens that her students are struggling with this semester.

“I’ve been teaching for a long time, and I do really feel the sense that everyone is more stressed this semester,” she said. “It’s palpable in the classroom, and for students and faculty.”

Hasenwinkel said that she will consider offering alternative testing during the spring semester, which begins January 25 and ends April 30, with final exams taking place from May 3 to May 6.

Another professor, Harriet Brown, who teaches news and digital journalism, told The Daily Orange that she canceled her midterm exam for her online beauty and diversity fashion class. According to Brown, this choice was in the best interest of her students.“I just honestly felt like students didn’t need that,” Brown said to The Daily Orange. “Students are struggling hard. I have heard so many stories from students about illnesses, anxiety, depression, family issues, just everything.”

Brown also said that she believes that there are other ways to monitor students’ progress without stressful exams.”

A lot of the stress is media- and Democrat-induced. The hysteria over COV-19 is way out of control. Do people really think this is a substitute for learning in a classroom?

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