Do Not Take Your Child to See Barbie, Don’t You See It Either


The new, very popular Barbie movie appears to be inappropriate for children. It’s rated PG-13. It doesn’t seem appropriate for adults, either. Barbie is a doll for children ages 3-12, but this movie pushes anti-female, anti-male, and transgender agendas.

The movie was heavily publicized and sold advanced tickets which is why it was number one at the box office.

Daniel Greenfield writes about it. “Parents are expected to take young girls to the movie which is one part pink glitz, as it is being marketed through every corporate media outlet, and one part extended feminist rant denouncing men and our society. Tacky and vulgar, Barbie the movie is the work of children in adult bodies who have been given adult powers, but confuse leftist virtue signaling with adult responsibilities.”

The movie is hardcore propaganda. The first few minutes have girls playing with baby dolls, and then they bash them while saying, “We don’t have to be mothers anymore.”

It’s hardcore feminism with the girls banning men. Barbie hates Ken.

The LGBT transgender issues are in your face.

One theme running through the plot is if you want to be Barbie, men can be women better. There are transgender people in the movie. The transgenders say it will end the gender conversation. They believe little kids who see it will realize they don’t have to be women.

It’s an attack on men and women.

Mattel permitted them to make this movie. The Christian in charge of Barbie media at Mattel retired or was pushed out, and they hired a far-left woman.

Christians started a lot of these now-Woke companies. Things are Marxist now.

Watch this excellent video:

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