Kamala Harris Plans to Campaign on Race and Begins with Lies


According to the Hill, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are prepared to step into the spotlight. The Hill claims Kamala Harris is the “rapid responder” and will “lean further into a typical vice presidential role.” She is “prepared for the role.” Her plan is to focus on race and she began by lying about a black history curriculum in Florida.

A Democrat Strategist told the Hill she’s thinking about Joe Biden being reelected and running herself four years later. He was serious.

“So a role where she’s attacking Ron DeSantis, former President Trump, and others is perfect because it gives her a lot of visibility with the base and the people who will be deciding the next nominee,” one political strategist told the Hill.

On Monday, “Harris urged members of the country’s largest Hispanic civil rights group to stand against extremists at the UnidosUS 2023 annual conference in Chicago. Biden and Harris’s focus on race and civil rights stands in stark contrast to Republican candidates, who have minimized or sidestepped issues of race beyond their individual biographies,” the Hill reports.

Racist Black History Curriculum That Isn’t

She was referring to the so-called racist black history curriculum in Florida. Everyone of note said she lied. While the curriculum praises black slaves who learned trades and were able to use them to their benefit, Kamala tried to twist that by saying the curriculum praises slavery.

It actually praises the intelligence and ingenuity of the slaves under horrendous conditions. The people serving on the committee to write the curriculum were historians, many were black historians.

Watch the lie unfold:

Dr. Allen
Dr. Allen is Diogenes with the lantern seeking the truth. He is well worth listening to in this clip.

“This curriculum is devoted to telling the truth whereas Kamala Harris has retailed a lie… This component of the slavery course teaches, well, permit me to have Frederick Douglass tell her.

“He wrote an autobiography in which he described how the mistress of his slave owner began to teach him to read. She pulled back the curtain through which a glimmer of light shone before the master closed it. But that glimmer of light was enough for Frederick Douglass to illuminate a bright flame that he exploited to his benefit and his country’s benefit thereafter.

“Such examples are numerous, and they’re retailed in the stories of people who suffered the indignity of slavery time and again.

“This curriculum is about having people who lived the experience, who lived the history tell their stories, and nothing is more important than that. We never ever erase the stories that the people who live the stories tell. No one has a right to interpret before first understanding the stories of the people who lived them and understood them themselves.

“When asked by Jesse Watters if there are academics who disagree with his scholarship, he responded that those who do are questionable, and their questioning has been as irrelevant as Kamala Harris’s falsehood.


“What is being done here is the attempt to create stories for our time and impose them on people who told their stories in their own time, thereby erasing their stories.

“My story, by the way, because, after all, my great grandfather came to this country through fraudulent inducement, looking for opportunity, only to find himself a slave. But he had the pluck to seek opportunity, and that pluck that he brought with him provided the skills, provided the initiative that allowed him post-slavery to establish his family securely. And this is the story of millions of people.

“Those stories must be told as the people who live them, experience them, and no one should be allowed to erase those stories.“

When host Jesse Watters asked him why some people are uncomfortable having a conversation about the graphic and real nature of what slavery was like, Dr. Allen said, “Because they have an agenda. They only want slavery to be told from a certain perspective. Indeed, it’s a wonderful irony when you think about it. That they are accusing the workforce that developed this curriculum of embracing the positive good school of slavery, that 19th-century abuse which I have refuted in my scholarship.

“These people are saying this is what’s being presented in Florida. It is an absolute falsehood that anybody is presenting the positive good school of slavery.

“It’s the heirs of people like Calhoun, Tawny, and Woodrow Wilson who continue to propagate the false picture that the birth of the nation was nothing but slavery.


“The accomplishments were not just of black Americans, but the accomplishments of American principles, and that is the truth that people seek to deny by erasing the stories of the people who lived through the histories.”

Watch Dr. Allen; he’s honest:


Whoopi said:

“… all the insanity going on in the world like Wednesday Florida’s Board of Education approved what they’re calling standards for African American history. I feel like they didn’t talk to any African Americans because we could have told them about the history.

“Nor has anyone seemingly gone to the Smithsonian to find out anything. You know, there are all of these former slaves who have given their testimony. You can go to the Smithsonian and hear them. So apparently, they all think it’s a lie, but the board defended the standards. I’m sorry for laughing because it’s so shocking.

Vice President Kamala Harris went to Jacksonville to give her thoughts. She said they want to replace history with lies. Middle school students in Florida to be told that enslaved people benefited from slavery. High schoolers may be taught that victims of violence of massacres were also perpetrators. I said it yesterday, they insulted us in an attempt to gaslight us, and we will not have it.”

The ‘ladies’ of The View never get anything right, and they run with it.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
4 months ago

Dr. Allen was absolutely terrific in the Watters’ interview. Maybe the dumbbells on the View should spend 8 minutes and watch him articulate the truth. It would be fun to watch them try to refute all his facts, but if Dr. Allen went on that show he’d lose too many IQ points.