Docs show Canada, CCP knew about Wuhan virus in October 2019


Rebel News reports that they have obtained top-secret Canadian military documents that show Canada was aware in October 2019 that the Wuhan Virus from China was contagious. The highest levels of the government knew about it, and it was covered up.

These officials have a direct line to Prime Minister Trudeau and he had to know.

In a way, this is old news. Remember how the CCP tried to say the US military gave the virus to them? That is when this information was first available but the CCP got ahead of it with an outlandish accusation. However, it is now all coming together.

Rebel News’s source details Canada’s coverup response to a critical pneumonia outbreak in a contingent of 176 Canadian soldiers stationed in Wuhan, over two months before the People’s Republic of China reported outbreaks in the same city, but just a few weeks before the first officially recognized case on November 17, 2019.

While the contingent was returning to Canada on a Polaris jet, one-third of the members were quarantined in the back of the plane. They were perhaps the first Canadians to ever quarantine from the Wuhan Virus.

After that, the quarantine was oddly removed and soldiers who asked to be tested were denied.

While Dr. Theresa Tam, the chief medical officer of health was telling Canadians to calm down and quit being racist to the Chinese, the military was scrambling to contain this news.

The CCP deliberately acted to spread the contagion throughout the world.


Who Else Knew?

Rebel news posted the documents which you can see here, but see the full original story and documents at Rebel News. This letter was sent out in January 2020, months after the fact.

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