Docs: State Knew COVID Leaked from Wuhan Lab & Let CCP Lie


Documents reveal that US State Department officials must have known by July 2020 that COVID-19 leaked from a Wuhan lab, and the Chinese Communist Party covered it up. They all then lied to the American public for years.

Chairman Rep. Brad Wenstrup of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus says he has seen classified State Department documents that “credibly suggest COVID-19 originated from a lab-related accident in Wuhan, China. He also notes that the Chinese Communist Party “…attempted to cover up the lab leak.” Wenstrup is now calling on the State Department to declassify the documents and make them public.

The Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic wants Peter Daszak of Eco-Health Alliance debarred and investigated. You can read the extensive evaluation here. The 56-page report and its findings are solid and worth reading.

These secret documents show that the State Department allowed the CCP to deny the Wuhan laboratory leak and hid the U.S. government’s complicity in covering it up.

Suppose the State Department had information in 2020 that China covered up the Wuhan lab leak and did not bring that information to former President Donald Trump and the American people. In that case, it is complicit in the CCP’s cover-up. Is that treason?

Emily Kopp and Ryan Grim discuss the new documents in the clip below, posted by X user Chief Nerd. They show that the government knew the coronavirus was caused by a lab leak.

“The new documents confirm their intention to create synthetic viruses with these restriction enzymes. They also include a budget line for one of these. They basically predicted that if you were going to do this, what you would need would be this one particular enzyme out of thousands of enzymes.

“And what you found is that they, in fact, did purchase that enzyme…So, not only do you have a regression analysis that shows the chance of this being formed naturally is infinitesimally small, but then, they add a prediction that they would need this particular enzyme.

“And the chance that they actually then purchase that, and it all being a coincidence, takes it from infinitesimally small to me to impossible to be anything other than a smoking gun.”

It’s important to know that we only know anything about this because of a whistleblower,” Rand Paul said.

“So in 2021, a Lieutenant Colonel, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Murphy at DARPA came forward, and he said he’d been looking for research like this because he was convinced that it was going on. He went to a folder, a computer folder, and he looked for this, but it wasn’t there. Then he saw another exchange between myself and Fauci, and he saw the tension heating up. He went back to the folder and looked, and all of a sudden, the document was there.”

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