NYT Confirms Biden Withheld 3500 Bombs to Israel


The United States withheld 3,500 bombs last week out of concern that they might be used in a major assault against the southern Gaza city, officials said. And he’s afraid he’ll lose the radical Islamist vote in Michigan and Minnesota.

The New York Times confirmed that “Biden paused an arms shipment to Israel last week to prevent the U.S.-made weapons from being used in a long-threatened assault on the city of Rafah.” Administration officials admitted it on Tuesday night, having first tacitly denying it.

“Israeli officials disclosed the weapons pause to Axios earlier this week, but U.S. officials refused to confirm it either at briefings or privately until Tuesday night,” the Times wrote.

The Times said it is “a sign of the growing rift between the United States and Israel over the conduct of the war.”

“The president withheld 1,800 2,000-pound bombs and 1,700 500-pound bombs that he feared could be dropped on Rafah, where more than one million Gazans have taken refuge, the officials said.

The administration might withhold other weapons and ammunition sales/transfers.

“The decision to delay the delivery of the 3,500 bombs was the first time since the Oct. 7 Hamas-led terrorist attack that Mr. Biden has used his power to curtail arms as an instrument to influence Israel’s approach to the war that followed.”

“Biden’s Democratic allies in Congress have for weeks urged him to limit or halt arms shipments to Israel, something he had refused to do until now because of his strong support for the effort to destroy Hamas.”

Israel is at war, and they see it as existential—the fringe Iran-backed terrorist group of Hamas is responsible for Gazan deaths.

Biden didn’t mention this on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Instead, he promoted his alleged strong, unending support for Israel. He wants it both ways.

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