Doctor says Delta variant is no worse than any of the variants


“The Delta variant does not appear to be especially deadly,” says Dr. Joel Zinberg in a Tuesday New York Post op-ed.

Zinberg, who practiced medicine for 30 years at Mt. Sinai Hospital, notes that “despite rising numbers of Delta cases in July, hospitalizations have only increased moderately.” Delta victims, he notes, “are no more likely to be hospitalized or die than with other variants.”

PJ Media, using accurate statistics, said you are more likely to get murdered in Chicago than die of COV. Chicago now has 18 murders per 100,000.

He adds that most of the increase “is concentrated in areas with low vaccination rates,” the actual COVID death rate is “lower than it was three weeks ago.”

The reason is “the most vulnerable people are largely protected” by having received at least one vaccination, and 80% of those 65 and older have gotten both shots.

In translation,  “nearly all the new cases are in younger, unvaccinated people whose risk of severe COVID-19 illness is much lower.”

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