Gov Newsom invites all homeless to come to Cali for more freebies


Governor Newsom is inviting more homeless to come to California with a new bill. Apparently, he isn’t finished destroying the state.

How long do the homeless have to be residents before they can vote? Just wondering.

California also has a lot of illegals on the streets and their border is open for the future Democrat voters pouring in illegally.

He’s not worried about more homelessness because California is, according to him, a place for “new beginnings.”

California has the largest homeless population of states in the country. They live on the streets, drug out, and commit crimes, endangering lawful citizens.


Newsom signed the $12 billion AB-140 housing bill on Monday as part of his ‘California Comeback Plan’. Officials are required to “develop a framework for the California Dream For All Program, the goals of which would … [make] homeownership more affordable.”

“To the extent that people want to come here for new beginnings and all income levels, that’s part of the California dream and we have a responsibility to accommodate and enliven and inspire, and the California dream is still alive and well,” Newsom said Monday when asked if the Golden State.

This is what caused the housing crisis in 2007.

The state is already a magnet for out-of-state homeless populations. He’s probably counting on federal taxpayers to pay for it. That is how it works under Democrat administrations.


Kevin Faulconer, a Republican vying to unseat the governor in the state’s upcoming recall election, was flabbergasted at the statement.

“This is crazy,” Mr. Faulconer tweeted, a local ABC affiliate reported. “I have incredible compassion for homeless Californians. But no, we should not be encouraging homeless people from other parts of the country to move to California.”

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