DOD Has No Plan in Case of Mass Migration from Haiti


Rep. Matt Goetz grilled officials from the Department of Defense today at a hearing. He wanted to know what they were doing to prepare for a mass migration from Haiti, given the fact that Haiti is now a failed state. Gangs, possbily including cannibal gangs, control most of Port au Prince. The elected government has fled.

Haitians in a Del Rio, Texas migrant camp. they have poured in since Joe Biden entered office.

The gangs are brutalizing the people. They kidnap the children to recruit them into gangs.

What the DOD officials at the hearing had to say was not reassuring. They said they were “alerted” to the possibility of a mass migration but clearly did not have a plan. They anticipate a problem but don’t articulate a plan.

Representative Goetz explained that the DOD could stop mass migration thanks to a George Bush executive order. [EO13276] However, it didn’t sound like they would do a thing. We already have mass migration from Haiti. You’ve seen the pouring in from Haiti. They’re coming through the Darien Gap. We have no idea who these people are. We can’t assume they’re all wonderful people, not when gangs control the entire country.

Allegedly, gangs released 5,000 prisoners, and they are beating and killing the police. One video indicates that could be the case. The link is to a horrible video. You probably won’t want to watch it, and it is not confirmed.

A friend who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant says the Haitians there are a whole different breed. And she didn’t mean that as a compliment; she said you’d open the garbage can, and a chicken would jump out. From what she said, they’re not good neighbors in Bed Sty.

Haiti is a sh**hole country, and Democrats have no plan to close the border.

Some of these gang leaders will gladly come into the US through the Democrat open border.

Community notes claim Barbeque, an alleged Haitian cannibal, is not the leader. However, he does have a lot to say, if nothing else.

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