DOD Meets Resistance As They Try to Seize the National Guard


As Sentinel reported in March, Joe Biden is trying to seize control of the state National Guard (NG). The administration is centralizing every possible agency and even private companies with executive orders, rules, regulations, memos, and guidance to put all control in the hands of the Executive. When a government becomes that large, it cannot be held accountable. Additionally, it transfers loyalty from the states to the federal government.

It’s very undemocratic.


In March, the Defense Department asked Congress to override a law requiring governors to approve changes to National Guard units. The proposal would allow the Defense Department to have unilateral power to transfer units to the Space Force because you never know when Martians will land.

Given his efforts to use his NG to control the border, Gov. Abbott would be the administration’s number 1 target.


There is resistance. Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.), the founding co-chair of the Space Force Caucus, wrote a letter representing some House and Senate Republican and Democrat members. He called the proposal “deeply flawed.”

They wrote that it would “undermine the National Guard.”

Earlier this week, 48 states, territories, and commonwealth governors wrote a letter opposing the proposal to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Gov. DeSantis opposed it in a letter separate from 48 other governors.

DeSantis said the proposal would “flout more than a century of precedent and undermine federal law protections for state control of their National Guard forces.”

The Florida governor said the current code is a “good-sense statutory requirement” ensuring National Guard members work for domestic crisis response.

“As a low-lying, storm-prone state, Florida is uniquely vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding that require significant, operationally ready logistics and disaster support, including from our National Guard units,” he wrote.

Gov. Abbott’s letter was more blunt. He wrote that the proposal presents “an intolerable threat to the National Guard.” He noted that it would give the Secretary of the Air Force unilateral authority to transfer the Air National Guard to the Space Force.

That is the regime’s goal, no doubt.

As Abbott stated, Secretaries could transfer NGs on a whim.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox wrote that it is “totally unacceptable.” ”

The proposal to move National Guard units to the space force without consultation or approval from governors is totally unacceptable. I appreciate that 52 of my fellow governors from both parties joined me in this letter opposing the move.”


The Democrats want to centralize the National Guard, stack the Supreme Court, eliminate the Electoral College to silence small states, abolish the filibuster so the minority party doesn’t have a voice, diminish the Bill of Rights, create crimes violating the statute of limitations to imprison the Republican Party’s presidential candidate, weaponize the Justice Department, open our borders, pass laws from the Oval Office, destroy fossil fuels with an illegitimate EPA, and ignore the Supreme Court rulings. They are the most undemocratic of leaders while claiming Donald Trump is.

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