Does the IMF Director Christine Lagarde Want to Kill Grandma?


From the looks of her, if sh said it, she’d have to kill herself.

There is no evidence Christine Lagarde said “The elderly live too long and that is a risk to the global economy.” This is important to correct since it has gone viral and it detracts from the right’s credibility. This is not to say that there aren’t serious problems with the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Christine Lagarde, and The Great Reset. However, we don’t want mistaken information spreading.

One of the Facebook fact checkers in Argentina (I know, they lie, but we checked), said that it came from an IMF report on “the financial impact of longevity risk”.

The fact checker writes: In 2012, the IMF published the “Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR),” in which Lagarde was not present. In that document, the IMF warned – in Chapter 4 – about the financial impact of longevity risk. “The financial implications of people living longer than expected (the so-called longevity risk) are very large,” the paper states. However, he also adds that “living more years today is a very positive fact that has improved individual well-being.”

We can’t say if the quote came from that report so the fact checker hasn’t proven anything.

However, it could be the source. Download and read the report on this link.


It’s understandable that people would find the quote believable. The IMF is totalitarian, they constantly rant about overpopulation, use scare tactics over viruses, are looking for ways to put us under their control digitally, and many on the Left want sickly elderly people to be allowed to die peacefully with the help of drugs when they so choose. However I see nothing in the report that isn’t just looking into the future and at ways to practically offset the liability. It doesn’t include killing grandma. If that’s how they feel, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to put it in writing.

I don’t see anything about killing grandma in this year’s report either. That doesn’t mean she didn’t say it over tea and crumpets or they don’t think it. There is just no obvious evidence. If anyone finds anything, please let us know.

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