DoJ & DHS Have a Plan to Let Every Illegal in on Parole


During a year of fundamentally transforming illegal immigration, the Biden regime plans to quickly “parole” more, perhaps illegal aliens into the United States. The Regime wants to rush the process.

proposal by the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would radically expand rules to allow entry whenever and wherever “detention is unavailable or impracticable.” The administration has set up a situation by which all detentions are impractible.

“By proposing rules like this, they are clearly trying to dismantle immigration enforcement at the border in its entirety,” says FAIR President Dan Stein. “[This] will perversely encourage more illegal immigration into the United States by promising parole and facilitating fraudulent asylum claims.”

Currently, DHS can only release illegal aliens on parole one at a time and only for “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.” The law limits paroles as “required to meet a medical emergency or necessary for a legitimate law enforcement objective.”

“Congress made clear … that illegal migrants are supposed to be detained: detained when they are apprehended, detained while awaiting a credible fear interview and if found to have a credible fear, detained until their asylum claims can be heard,” notes Andrew Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies.

DHS now claims they can’t detain aliens and the Regime won’t provide funds to detain them.

They’re ending detention in case you think it’s about something else. The Left is destroying our immigration, asylum, and detention laws. The Regime breaks the law every day because it doesn’t suit their purposes.

As we have said before this is the replacement of the American with unvetted foreigners who gladly depend on the government for their very existence. Criminals will have new fertile ground for their endeavors until all sink into misery together in the collective. The Golden Goose will soon die.

Democrats hate America and they hate you.

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