Dick Durbin Backs AG Garland’s Attack on Parents


Dick Durbin, predictably, defends Attorney General Garland targeting parents who protest at Boards meetings. He launched into the J6 riot/parade, veering away from the topic which is AG Garland is trying to silence parents who disagree with the hateful CRT curriculum.

There is a non-partisan wave of opposition building among parents and Democrats via one of their enforcement arms, the DoJ, plans to stop it before it gains momentum.

Durbin has always been. leftist hack.

I am confused, we don’t prosecute shoplifters but we do prosecute parents? Do we not have laws on the books where local PD can prosecute the perp?


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

No surprise there. This POS will almost support anything left of center along with the rest of his Marxist comrades

1 year ago

This is what the last breaths of Communist sounds like. The problem is that when a Communist dies, he lets go of the hand grenade and everyone close by gets hurt..

Schmarty Sprockets Party
Schmarty Sprockets Party
1 year ago

Does Turban Durbin defend comrade kommissar Garland’s family making the filthy lucre off of CRT? (rhetorical)
Will there be enough pies for all egalitarian comrades of the unity collective to dip into?
A great leap forward? We are still grappling with the stale failed statist totalitarian dystopian ideology of a 19th century German RAT bum.