DOJ discussing a Special Counsel for Hunter — some say it’s necessary


Fox News reports that high-level officials within the Justice Department are in “ongoing discussions” on whether to appoint a special counsel in the Hunter Biden corruption case that appears to include his father, the senile president-to-be, his uncle, and his aunt.

Some in the DOJ believe it is “warranted,” and, of course, it is to anyone with any significant amount of brain activity.

Fox has two sources. With Stonewall Barr gone, this is the time to strike.

Attorney General Bill Barr said earlier this week that he had “not seen a reason” to appoint a special counsel to probe President-elect Joe Biden’s son, who is under federal investigation for his “tax affairs.” That alone should tell us which side of the bread his butter landed on.

One source familiar told Fox News on Wednesday that it is an “open discussion.”

The unidentified source reportedly confirmed, “It is an ongoing discussion. No decisions have been made either way.”

Another source said some high-level officials within the Justice Department believe a special counsel is “warranted.”

The President could probably appoint one himself.

Don’t appoint Robert Mueller. Appoint Bret Tolman.

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