NY#22 still counting votes 50 days after the election, Dem leads 0.00004%


New York Congressional District Rep. Anthony Brindisi took a lead of fourteen votes over his Republican challenger Claudia Tenney, who held the lead all along. The next hearing will likely take place on January 4. Hundreds of votes still remain uncounted.

Three dead people can’t be counted, but there was confusion over it since they voted and then died. Under New York election law, an early ballot doesn’t count if the voter dies before the election.

“You need to be a registered voter to vote, and upon death, you cease to be registered,” Madison County Election Commissioner Laura Costello said.

Oh no, really? has anyone told the Democrats? It kills a whole voting bloc for them.

Patrick Lohmann at Syracuse.com has the last update. He wrote that while Brindisi has a small lead, “the contest is still far from over 50 days after Election Day.”

“Brindisi (D) has a 14-vote lead over challenger Claudia Tenney (R) after several hundred affidavit ballots from Oneida County were finally tabulated this week. The new counts from Oneida County put Brindisi at 155,625 votes to Tenney’s 155,611, which amounts to a .00004 percent lead for Brindisi.”

The Democrat judge ruled that 120 absentee ballots for Brindisi get to remain in the count.

The Democrat judge will have the final say as she allows the vote count to continue for months.

The lead has changed several times. Tenney started the week up 19 votes, and yesterday the margin narrowed to three to five votes.

Also, a Tenney campaign spokesman said the disputed Oneida County votes came from Utica and Rome, two urban areas he said would favor Brindisi.


Then there was Wednesday’s kerfuffle. Madison County officials held absentee ballots overnight in a jail cell and timestamped them on November 4.

Madison County Board of Elections Commissioner Mary Egger said again that they received the ballots before November 3 (election day) and timestamped them on November 4 when they took them out of the cell.

DelConte ordered that “119 ballots would need to be corrected based on the timestamp.” A sheriff for Madison County picked up the ballots and returned them to the board of elections.

NY#22 is mostly a Republican district.

That’s not in accordance with the law, but Democrat judges don’t need no stinking law.

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