DOJ interested in case against Illinois gov who doesn’t follow his own fiats


The Department of Justice joined a lawsuit with a statement of interest contesting Illinois [totalitarian] Governor Pritzker’s overreaching COV-19 orders which extend far beyond the 30-day emergency authority granted to a governor under Illinois law.

Regardless of the circumstances, actions must be lawful.

A review will follow to determine the legality of Pritzker’s actions. The case was brought by Rep. Bailey:

“In its statement of interest, the United States explains that this dispute belongs in Illinois state court, and that Representative Bailey has raised substantial questions as to whether the Governor’s current response to COVID-19 is lawful.  Although the complaint does not raise any federal constitutional claims, the statement explains, “It is up to the Illinois courts to rule on Plaintiff’s claims, which, because of the sweeping nature of the Orders, may affect millions of lives and raise significant constitutional concerns in other litigation.”  Even in the face of a pandemic, states must comply with their own laws in making these sensitive policy choices in a manner responsive to the people and, in doing so, both respect and serve the goals of our broader federal structure, including the guarantee of due process in the U.S. Constitution.”


Meanwhile, Pritzker and his wife are out and about and construction workers are busy at his homestead in Wisconsin. Although, no one else can have work done on their home, he can and does.

The Washington Post (WaPo) quotes him:

In daily briefings, Pritzker frequently warns residents of the public health risks of crossing the border to states like Iowa, which allowed restaurants to open this month. There, as in all neighboring states, social distancing is not required, precautions are largely up to individual store owners, and images of crowds cramming the shopping aisles and parking lots of big-box stores have proliferated online. The differing rules have alarmed Pritzker.

“People who are traveling across the border and . . . gathering in large groups and who are going into restaurants or bars . . . will asymptomatically come back to Illinois and spread it,” he said recently.

Meanwhile, Pritzker never mentions the fact that they are traveling about and have construction crews on their farm — in another state.

Pritzker is also on this tape as the hypocritical clown he is. He’s the guy who basically bought his position with a $172 million of inherited money:

Even the DOJ spokesperson tweeted about it. Perhaps it’s for show. So far, the DOJ hasn’t done much besides talk and express interest:

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3 years ago

This is typical of dictatorship double standards. The people are required to do as I say we must do…I am not.