Charlamagne says Biden owes blacks a black female running mate after his idiotic comments


By now, you’ve heard that Joe Biden told Charlamagne tha God on The Breakfast Club if black people don’t vote for him, they “ain’t black.” As you can imagine, it didn’t go over well. Black people don’t want to be told who they can vote for and his condescending remark was racist.

Charlamagne showed up on CNN insisting Biden had to now pick a black female running mate to make up for his idiotic remark.

After Charlamagne, a likable man, goes off with some typically crazy lib narratives about the black slaves built the USA, we need economic justice, and the virus hits blacks due to racism, he demanded Biden make up for his mistake by choosing a black female vice president.

Charlamange believes the system is racist and needs to be dismantled. He sees Joe as part of that system.

We can’t speak for Charlamagne’s motives, but, in general, Marxist policies are pushed by some black leaders as a power grab.

Charlamagne said Democrats saved Joe Biden’s life in the primary and he owes them. He won’t vote for Trump but he’s telling Democrats not to take the black vote for granted.

Sadly, the only president who has really helped blacks is Trump. Democrats did help blacks in the sixties but Republicans did too. The leftists have successfully won the PR battle with blacks, partly because of misunderstandings about Barry Goldwater.

In any case, Charlamagne is all in on Democrat ideology. He seems sincere, albeit misguided.


Here’s the woman who could be one heartbeat and senile president away from the presidency (both are preaching Marxist ideology):

Or this one:

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