DoJ is not finding any insurrectionists or seditionists from the 1-6 riot


The Justice Department has since the January 6th Capitol riot acknowledged in court hearings that some of its evidence concerning the riot is not as damning as initially indicated.

A charge of sedition – meaning incitement of a rebellion – has not been brought against any of the more than 400 people arrested to date. The most serious charges have been assault, conspiracy, and obstruction of Congress or law enforcement, Reuters reported.

It truly looks like the DOJ is not following through on insurrection and sedition charges, as they originally claimed. They never really intended to win any of these cases. What they wanted to do is advance a political narrative about extremist Trump supporters.

Putting out a political narrative through false accusations and over-charging in the DOJ is Lawfare.

The government has endless taxpayer resources to weaponize the judiciary and bankrupt their targets. That’s the goal.

The process is the punishment.  The targets are ruined and the DoJ can just back off without any accountability.

If you will remember, in the beginning, the DoJ made serious claims about a deadly U.S. Capitol attack with killer insurrectionists. They said the rioters were seditionists who planned to kidnap and kill elected officials.

Those of us who pay attention know it was a gross exaggeration at best.

Reuters reports, missteps by the government could harm its credibility as accused ringleaders begin asking courts to drop some of the most serious charges.

“They are trying to build the most horrendous cases they can because the public wants it – and this is politicizing criminal justice,” said Gerald B. Lefcourt, who for decades has represented high-profile defendants in political demonstrations, including Black Panther leaders and “Chicago Seven” trial figure Abbie Hoffman.

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