J 6: Be “Honest, Are You Surprised Our Government Lied to Us”


According to The Epoch Times, the pace of FBI arrests and new criminal cases for January 6 has greatly increased, with 93 people arrested and charged in the past two months. As of March 6, at least 1,358 people were arrested by the FBI and criminally charged by the Department of Justice for alleged crimes related to January 6th. What do you think the motive is for going after misdemeanors like trespassing?

January 6 was not an insurrection. However, the self-described communists and anarchists marching on behalf of Democrats are insurrectionists, openly admitting they want to tear it all down.

We slowly discovered that we had been lied to about much of what happened on January 6.

For example, the DOJ has repeatedly lied to get convictions. They arrested people for trespassing, adding “scary tweets” and other speech offenses to elevate the ‘crime’ beyond reason.

A newly released video shows that the grounds for entering and remaining on restricted grounds while Kamala Harris and Mike Pence were in the building was false. They weren’t in the building.


Jack Smith is now asking for the Florida documents case against Donald Trump to be heard on July 8th. The Stormy case in Manhattan will be heard on March 25th. Mr. Trump cannot possibly win in the hardcore leftist city of Manhattan or the District of Columbia.

The brazen roundups and overcharging of defendants are done without fear of repercussions. The reason they fear no one and nothing is because they are confident that Donald Trump will never again enter the Oval Office to address their tactics. They plan to imprison Donald Trump or at least have convictions before November to influence the election.


The J6 D.C. Cases that went to a jury have a 100% conviction rate. There is no way to win in DC.

According to Jacob Rugh, an associate professor of sociology at Brigham Young University, and researcher Isabella Felin, at this pace, the total number of arrests could be 2,150 by the time the statute of limitations expires in early 2026.

They have published Jan. 6 statistics and graphs on X and Instagram since August 2022.

Correction: This article was shortened to provide greater reader interest.

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